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Lesson is blocked on enrolment
If you just enrolled in the course this can happen. The server needs to update your browser. Wait 2 minutes and try again. If the problem persists please write us at hello@htuniversity.online
A lesson appears to be empty or just shows a white screeen

This can happen. As we are in full development we use some third party integrations. Normally, refreshing your window should do the trick. If the problem persists write to us at hello@htuniversity.online

I finished my course but didn't receive a certificate

We are sorry to hear that! But not to worry, we saved your certificate for you. Just in case.

Make sure you actually have completed the course for 100%. Meaning you have to press "Complete and continue" on each lesson. Also the last one!

If that is the case, we sent your completion certificate to the email address you used to sign up with. Be sure to check your spam folder. If it is not there write to us at hello@htuniversity.online

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What is micro-learning

We have built our program on the proven and revolutionary micro-learning philosophy so you can learn and
implement your growth hacks on a daily basis.
You can fit and budget the learning moments in your day without disrupting your schedule and will start to
see results right from the start.
No magic bullet though.
Your effort, smarts and grit that got your business this far, will remain the fuel for further success and growth.
We will however share hacks on how to build a better growth engine and become a superior entrepreneur.
Each lesson is reviewed and endorsed by respected and experienced industry insiders.
Our Formula:
#hardwork + #rightbusinessmodel = #success #growth #goals

Why is ht university online different than others?

At HT University we believe that all the information is out there, but it is hard to find exactly what you need. 

So where a lot of our competitors offer broad courses covering a lot of generic subjects, we offer industry specific subjects. 

Creating Learning Journeys tailor made for a specific industry. With the help of people like you, who have been in a certain industry for decades and have been through their fair share of failures.

From failure we learn, but if we can warn you for those failures... You win...

Next lesson is blocked after completion

Oh snap!

Not to worry, this can happen. 

Make sure that you have actually completed all the previous lessons. You can not move on to future lessons if you haven't completed the previous lessons. 

To complete a lesson simply hit the "Complete and continue" button in the top right corner of your lesson view. 

If the problem persists, write to us at hello@htuniversity.online

  • You are an owner or operator of a small business in the home tech industry
  • You have built a successful small business but reached a “plateau” at around 0,5-5 Million Euro and 1-10 staff.
  • You are looking for a shortcut to growing your business further.
  • You are strapped for time in 14 hour-workdays and want to “budget” your self-improvement in small pieces (15 minutes “powersnacks”).
Does this sound familiar? If so, HT University Online is for you!
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