For ambitious
installers of home tech

Owners or directors of Home Tech Installation business

Ambition to grow* (*growth defined by you)

No time to waste (looking for proven shortcut)

Learning outcomes

Take your business to the next level (increase profits, size, scalability)

Be in control of your destiny

Blueprint and mental framework to achieve your goals

Week 1:
The secret to success is setting the right goals 🎯
Week 2:
Revenue is vanity… Margin is sanity… Cash is king 👑
Week 3:
Make a customer 😃, not a sale.
Week 4:
Fall in love 💙 with the process and the results will come.
Week 5:
People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic 🎩🪄


Industry-specific peer-learning – 8 to 10 peers
5 mastermind sessions by people who have been there & done it.
“homework” to prep for class
60 minute seminar (Zoom) + 30 min Q&A
Accountability and Goal-settings:
Commitment Contract to implement learnings in your business
Platforms used:
Zoom for live sessions
Google Drive for shared docs and “homework”
Slack for group chat
Mailjet for NPS-score and feedback
Clubhouse Friday morning 45 min accountability catch up


* 50% off for first group of beta testers

let's do this! together

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