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Free course 1:
Visual Cues

by Benjamin Davies

Free course 2:
Marketing Hacks

by Ron Callis Jr

#Smallbusiness #success depends on:

1. Hard work

2. Best practices

3. Business model

What business stage are you in?

The starter

You work alone but are determined to build a successful business.

While you focus on learning technical skills and serving your first customers you need a shortcut when it comes to business skills. Strapped for time but you can squeeze in 1-2 micro-learning sessions of 15 minutes each day.

Pay special attention to the Growth Fundamentals and Business Transformation modules.

The small business

You have been in business for a few years now and have built a team of 2-4 people.Turnover is hovering around 500K and even turning a small profit.

Time to take the business to the 1-2 million mark. You are working in the business full time but you can just about squeeze in 1-2 micro-learning sessions of 15 minutes each per day.

Pay special attention to the Growth Fundamentals and Business Transformation modules.

The plateau business

You have been turning over 1-2 million for a few years now.

You have built a 7-12 people team but continue to work 14 hour/day and constantly thinking about the business.

Your size and profit have not increased significantly. You ask yourself how to take your business to the next level in size and profits while working more ON the business instead of IN the business.

You are running the business full time but by budgeting in 1-2 micro-learning sessions of 15 minutes each per day you know you will improve your game.

The Business Transformation and Drivers of Scale modules are built for you.

But don’t skip Growth Fundamentals because you need a strong foundation.

The industry supplier

Your business supplies to small businesses in the industry.

You care about the business health of your customers. Their success is your success. Your company knows a pure product focus is no longer enough. Knowing and helping your customers is what will determine success moving forward.

Understanding the pains and challenges of your channel partners will allow you to come up with ideas and value propositions that go beyond pure product specification.

Micro-learning is a powerful way to upskill your own team and help the owner/operators of the small businesses you partner with. This full Masterclass will make you see what is possible.

Maybe we build one together?


James Major

Sevenoaks Electrical Ltd

The Business Growth Hacks course has accelerated my understanding and learning on key business principles. It has been the catalyst to simple, easy changes which are already having a huge impact on the way I develop and build my businesses.


As I develop the business I remind myself of the 3 key pillars covered in the course, value proposition, People and cash management.  By making sure i’ve aligned my thoughts and actions to these three things has helped me make better decisions and choices.


The course has highlighted the three key areas that will have the biggest impact on the business, value proposition, people (partners) and cash management.  Moving forward, as we plan for the year ahead we ensure we’re taking into account these three vital pillars into choices and actions we take, to ensure the Company has the best possible chance of delivering unbeatable value to all our partners – Customers, supply chain and team.

Anyone who runs an SME who is looking to improve their business skills should look at taking this course. Some of it you might already know, but Wim has developed it and delivered it such a way that it will provide some new insight and learning from things you thought you already knew and understood.

Sonia Sanchez

Genesis Home Technology Architects

It gave me some business basic fundamentas which we think we know and are obvious but we always forget. Good to remember always. Also a good overview about how you can start a business.. how you can grow it and also, how you can do it well. A lot of people run a business but not only the success of the business is based on numbers and money, also the essence of the company. 


It will help help my company to understand how  and why the company has been growing more & more during the last 7-10 years.  And to understand that is not only about sales. There is a long chain involved with many links which can break. If people, strategies, culture, goals, vision & mission are not the same and are not going in the same direction. 


I would recommend this course to people who want to start a business but overall to people who want to grow and learn about all these things which are not taught and not mentioned, but are the things that becomes a company in a great company with great people behind ( employees & suppliers & customers ). 


Apart from what it is a very dynamic course, you can see in a few hours of your time, a very interesting advices /tips / examples / about how to run a business. But also, you could see how a company who started a few years ago, and a company which a turnover of 1.8M , six years ago and 7 people… has growth up to almost 6M and 17 people in only six years. This learning journey will give you a new vision on how to be successful, it will make you wonder if you’re doing it right, it will approach you more to your employees and customers, and it will become you in a better entrepreneur, manager, employee, company… and who know, even in a better person!  It is very important to leave a mark on everything you do…..

let’s do this!